Tanin’s Internship Testimony


I write this testimony in heartfelt gratitude for my internship experience at La Medicina. When I first agreed to come down and volunteer at the center, it was a leap of faith from the heart, and little did I know what a journey I was in for! The experience was, and continues to be, wholly transformative, and has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself.

La Medicina is truly a special place. I could feel this from the initial calls I had with Chris, but upon arriving at the center I was awed by the natural beauty of the land. Medicines of all kinds grow freely, beautiful animals, birds,flowers, and bugs bring the land to life, a healing stream flows through, and there is an incredible, tangible energy present. The buildings are simple, well built, and elegant, blending with the natural surroundings and equipped with enough creature-comforts to make the stay pleasurable on the material realm.

Chris and Nori have created an impeccable space for deep healing to take place. I witnessed first hand the high level of integrity they bring to all that they do, and their total commitment to providing the best possible experience for each and every guest. Their care and devotion shines through in the time, energy, and work they pour into the center and into each retreat. I learned so much through simply working beside them and observing who they are and how they move in the world. On some days I would really have to pull up my socks to keep up with them, and my hope is to be as equally lively and vibrant in my later years!

Naturally, Chris holds ceremony with that very same high standard of integrity. The ceremonies were facilitated in a clear, impeccable way that allowed me to go deeper than ever before, catalysing profound healing and realignment. I heard retreat participants share similar experiences, and I felt very grateful to be there in support to such a beautiful space. Witnessing the courage, heart, and willingness to heal in the retreat participants was a true gift, as were all the laughs and tears we shared along the way. There was a kinship, a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood that helped us navigate through the moments of intensity together, coming out more alive and whole on the other side. These are moments I will forever treasure in my heart, and they have helped me gain a profound respect for the strength and resiliency of the human spirit.

Tanin Shunter

June 2019