Terms & Conditions


By accepting these Terms and Conditions on the registration form, the Guest enters into a legal agreement with Treeglobe, and agrees to the following terms and conditions. “Guest” represents the individual making this booking. “Treeglobe” represents the parent company, Treeglobe S.A.C. and also the location of the retreat, “La Medicina.”

1.    Treeglobe reserves the right to accept, decline, or cancel any booking at any time.

2.    The Guest agrees to participate in a spiritual retreat organised by Treeglobe, with the option at no extra charge to also participate in ceremonies involving the ingestion of Ayahuasca. Treeglobe will do its best to ensure the safety and comfort of the Guest.

3.    The Guest agrees to use caution, discretion, and consideration toward everyone involved in the event, including him or herself, both on Treeglobe property and in any external locations visited during the retreat. The Guest shall hold harmless and indemnify Treeglobe against any and all claims, legal or otherwise, including injury, loss and damages, brought against Treeglobe by any third party as a result of the Guest’s actions contrary to these Terms and Conditions.

4.    The Guest has hereby made medical disclosures to Treeglobe. Treeglobe agrees to keep these disclosures in strict confidence unless otherwise required by law or court order. Treeglobe may also share these disclosures for any resolution of disputes between the Guest and Treeglobe. The Guest agrees to inform Treeglobe of any changes to the nature of these disclosures prior to the retreat.

5.    Treeglobe recommends that the Guest obtain professional medical advice about the effects of any and all plants and medicines that the Guest may decide to consume during the retreat, both on their own and combined with any medications the Guest may be using. The Guest acknowledges this recommendation, and hereby assumes sole responsibility for seeking, and acting upon, professional medical advice. The Guest represents and acknowledges that the Guest, having sought aforementioned medical advice or freely chosen not to, is in proper physical and mental condition to participate in the retreat and its activities. Should the Guest choose to ingest traditional medicines, he or she does so voluntarily and assumes full responsibility for his or her actions and releases Treeglobe from any and all liability for such Guest decision. The Guest hereby also represents that the Guest has conducted independent research and is fully aware of the potential effects that may be produced when traditional medicines, including Ayahuasca, are ingested. The liability for any and all effects of ingesting traditional medicines, including ayahuasca, is entirely with the Guest.

6.    Treeglobe agrees to supply the following goods and services during the dates specified: accommodation, food, and transportation. Treeglobe is not responsible for any other expenses the Guest may incur, including but not limited to flight cancellations and other travel expenses. No refunds, reimbursements or payments- in-kind will be made for any such expenses.

7.    Treeglobe reserves the right to alter the itinerary of the retreat, change the cost of the retreat, or cancel the retreat. In the event that the retreat is canceled by Treeglobe, the Guest is entitled to a full refund of any 

money paid to Treeglobe. Treeglobe is not responsible, and will not provide recompense, for any additional or peripheral expenses incurred by the Guest, including but not limited to travel expenses and the purchase of goods and services from parties other than Treeglobe.

8.    If the Guest cancels their participation in the retreat, and the start of the retreat is at least sixty (60) days in the future, the Guest is entitled to a refund of 75% of any money paid to Treeglobe. If the Guest cancels their participation in the retreat, and the start of the retreat is less than sixty (60) days in the future, the Guest is entitled to a refund of 50% of any money paid, subject to their place in the retreat being filled.

9.    Treeglobe advises the Guest to secure medical and travel insurance for this retreat, in order to cover personal accidents, medical expenses, losses, repatriation costs and all other expenses that might arise as a result of loss, damage, injury, delay or inconvenience. Treeglobe does not provide medical and travel insurance coverage to guests and is not liable for any such expenses.

10.    The Guest agrees to show respect for the environment in and surrounding the retreat, and to act with kindness and dignity towards others, including other guests on the retreat, staff, local residents, and people encountered during external activities. Should the Guest engage in any illegal behaviour, or behave in a way that adversely affects any of the aforementioned people, he or she may be asked to leave Treeglobe property, and will not be entitled to any refund or financial recompense as a result of Treeglobe’s decision. Dismissed Guests shall also be exclusively liable for all other costs and expenses related to their removal from Treeglobe’s property, including transportation or lodging expenses. 

11.    The Guest agrees not to include Treeglobe or its staff in any form of commercial publicity, unless Treeglobe has given prior written consent to the Guest. Commercial publicity includes films, written works, musical compositions, web sites, and any other form of media designed for public broadcast, profit, and/or widespread dissemination.

12.    The Guest acknowledges that his or her legal relationship with Treeglobe is governed by Peruvian law. In the event of a dispute, both the Guest and Treeglobe agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Peruvian Courts of the Judicial District of Lima, Peru.

13.    The Guest understands that Treeglobe is not a medical facility, that Treeglobe employees are not health care professionals, and that Treeglobe does not offer medical advice, diagnosis, prescriptions, or procedures of any kind. All activities related to this retreat, including spiritual ceremonies, are offered for the sole purpose of personal and spiritual growth.

14.    The Guest has read and understood the terms and conditions set forth in this document, and accepts them voluntarily, without influence or coercion of any kind.