Technology Free

In this age of hyper-connectivity of smartphones, apps and 24 hour Internet, many of us get addicted to technology and relating to the world through it. By 'switching off', in both a literal and metaphorical sense, we give ourselves the chance to reconnect to what is important, to listen to the voice of intuition, to be still, centered and calm, to leave distractions behind.

La Medicina is maintained as a low technology zone, using only low impact solar 12DV for some lighting and refrigeration.

During your retreat, the use all personal technology is prohibited, including eBook readers such as Kindle, from the time of your pick up on Day 1 until morning of the last day.of your retreat.

In the past, guests returned home without any physical memories to share with others, and we had no visual record of them. Now you are free to use your camera at the waterfall visit on the last morning, and when you return back to the land. The waterfall is a beautiful, mystical and cleansing spot and you can record this exhilarating experience after the intense work with the medicine.

Don Augustin Rivas, a well-known Peruvian shaman, says in his biography that the spirits do not like technology... Whether or not that is true, we have found that every guest so far has appreciated and benefited from the experience of being technology free.