Spiritual Books

During a retreat we go through a process of purification and deep cleansing. The traditional diet rules, and setting in nature, provide an environment which opens us up to subtle spiritual energies. What we ‘intake’ at this time, whether food, conversation or reading matter, can have a profound effect on the process and subsequent integration into our lives back home. As such, the right book read at the right time can be an important catalyst and inspiration. 

La Medicina has a library of around 500 spiritual books that have been collected over the years. Guests are encouraged to take up to 5 books in total to read during their diet (their own spiritual books and/or books from library.) More than 5 can be a distraction, as it is also important to spend a large part of your time just ‘being’, as opposed to the usual ‘doing’. 

If you'd like to see our virtual library, please click here.


We have the following categories of books;

•    Shamanism with focus on plant medicine
•    Zen
•    Taoism
•    Indian/Asian mysticism
•    Ramana Maharshi / Advaita
•    Divination
•    Poetry
•    Modern spiritual teachers
•    Other religious traditions
•    Health & Healing
•    Spiritual side of Martial Arts