Private Time

A defining part of your retreat is the time spent alone, whether this is in your Tambo, or private room in the main Guesthouse. Modern life typically has so many distractions throughout, and it is very rare that we get the chance to dedicate a week or more to just ‘being’. Although the idea may seem daunting at first, by allowing ourselves to be still and quiet we gradually begin to unwind, connect and shift our consciousness - a true retreat within.

This process then becomes a precious time and space for us be honest with ourselves, review our lives, put things into a different perspective, allow feelings and thoughts that no longer serve us to leave and open ourselves up to more positive and uplifting ways of looking at life. We can change our lives if we are prepared to do the work – the medicine gives to us what we give to it. Through doing the inner work we finally come back to our heart, the place where our individuality merges with the whole. From this place harmony and guidance flow, and we feel safe and trusting of life.