Nature itself is healing, and when building La Medicina we have tried to leave untouched as many of the original trees and plants as possible. All of the land is in a protected zone, and the top half sits inside a National Park. One can walk straight up the mountain into primary, virgin forest of high jungle.

Historically there has been a tradition of both hunting in the area, and fumigating crops to improve yields, but after 7 years of virtually no use of insecticides on the 38 hectares of the grounds, more and more insects, birds and animals have been returning, and an increasing variety of Indigenous plants now create a rich array of fragrant scents. A survey carried out 5 years ago by a local plant and wildlife expert revealed 155 different plants and trees, 54 types of birds, 20 varieties of mammals, 15 different reptiles, various amphibians and a very large number of insects in and around La Medicina. These numbers should be much greater these days, as we even have a small Sloth family quietly munching leaves somewhere on our land.

Nature is medicinal and out of nature come the medicinal plants, and from these the medicinal dietas. We ourselves are an integral part of nature but can lose this sense and connection with our busy and modern urban lives. It is regenerating to retreat within nature, surrounded by an abundance of trees, plants, insects, animals and birds, fresh air and water, wind, sun and rain. In the jungle there is an intensity and vibrancy of life that stays with you long after your journey home.