La Medicina is nestled in the Cordilliera Escalera mountain range where the Amazon meets the Andes, the so-called High Jungle. It is a national conservation area renowned for its pristine cloud forests creating more than 30 waterfalls. The highest peak is around 1800m above sea level and La Medicina spreads between 650-850m. This combination of climate and altitude is very favourable to wildlife, and gives rise to a high degree of biodiversity. 


There is a line of High Protection, which runs through the upper portion of the 38 hectares of land. Many bureaucratic regulations and environmental observations had to be cleared to build the center, and we are committed to preserving the fragile ecosystem and reforest medicinal trees wherever possible. From Tarapoto, there is a well maintained road that runs all the way to Yurimaguas in the Low Jungle, and we are situated a couple of kilometres inland from this. 

Climate: June-November is the Summer/Dry season, and December–May the Winter/Wet season. However the differences are not as marked as you might expect, although it does tend to rain more in January and February, and the months of July, August and September are often very dry. Average temperatures range from a low of around 22 degrees Celsius to highs of 31, or 72 to 87 Fahrenheit.