Guidance & Support

The maximum group size is 10 guests, and we are happy to run a retreat for just one person.  Our focus is on providing the best possible outcome for each guest in a way that is sustainable for us. As such, there is plenty of time to communicate with everyone in an intimate and welcoming environment. 

Experience has shown that some people need lots of support to go through their process, while others need much less. By limiting the group size to ten, we are able to give people what they need. 

During our work with the plants and Ayahuasca, the medicine can express itself in your dreams, visions, thoughts/emotions and physical body, and this at times can be a confusing and overwhelming process. As you release energies that no longer serve you, you can experience discomfort. 

We hold a space for you to safely go through this process of transformation. Solitude and space are necessary to face yourself and to go within, but you can do so secure in the knowledge that we are there if needed. The intimacy of a small group also allows for in-depth sharing between guests, and this mutually supportive environment can often be an important part of the healing process.

There are daily check-ups to see how everyone is doing and to provide spiritual guidance/support when required. This could be a 10-60 minute conversation or a shamanic healing.  As well as this, we meet up on ceremonial days and when the diet plants are served, providing a welcome chance to touch base with others. 

Our aim is to help you find the source of guidance and support within.