I came to La Medicina to work with Maestro Chris whose medicine work is known to be clean, straight and potent in teaching, leading, guiding his guests to the most effective way to reach their personal goals in life. He works with each guest individually to assess what they need and there is much care which goes in to each unique individual's journey. I dieted the beautiful plant, Bobinsana. As an experienced dieter and ayahausquero, I have in the past had great and not so great experiences with different centers but working with him, on that exquisite land, and the opportunity to deepen my dieta experience by having true isolation was something I recommend highly to anyone who really wants to learn and understand the plants and their own dharma or path in this life.

Everything was spotlessly clean, the grounds and forests spectacular, the food and amenities simple but spacious and comfortable with a library full of books relevant to the work and fascinating. Everything created on the grounds and channelled through the Maestro and his wife was medicine. There was no useless fillers, no wasted time or distractions, everything has been created with mindfulness yet he was still prone to spontaneous outbursts of humour and so down to earth. The ceremonies and icaros, led by Maestro Chris, were some of the most profoundly beautiful and teaching ceremonies I have ever had and I have had hundreds in my life!.

My experience was entirely transformative, deeply restorative and gave me the rest I needed after becoming exhausted serving in the world. La Medicina also helped me get to the root of knowing how beautiful life is and how to move in it, how to be still with it, how to overcome some ego strongholds which prevented me from feeling at peace within. I developed a regular meditation practice after being inspired by their lives. I cannot thank Chris and Nori enough for all they've given to create this quintessential medicine sanctuary.

Kelly Morris (USA) .

My two weeks at La Medicina were incredibly transformational. This was my first plant diet and it was something I went into with much trepidation. From the moment I got there I felt welcome and safe. This feeling of being safe was integral to letting the medicine do its work. I remember leading up to my trip wondering how I could spend 7 days mostly alone, even during the first few days there I wondered how I would make it through the week; but by the end of the diet I was wishing I could be there longer.

The grounds at La Medicina are beautiful but also feel wild. The beauty combined with the energy of nature being so immediate seem to enhance the power of the medicine.

For such a personal and intense experience as a plant diet, comfort, safety and positive energy are necessities, in my opinion. This is what La Medicina is all about..

Christopher M. (USA)

La Medicina is alive and well, a harmonious plethora of sounds day and night, be it mammal, bird, or insect, lightning falling, or wind whispered vegetation, a butterfly gliding through the open space made by the stream.  An intimate and peaceful setting by design, Chris and Nori are gracious and kind hosts who are clear, insightful, and supportive guides in the process of healing and growth.  I was fortunate enough to have them recommended by an experienced and trusting friend as I, too, have already recommended La Medicina to my own dear friends.  I hope to make it back one day for a longer stay.

Rich Forster (USA)

Thank you Chris and Nori for an amazing Bobinsana and Aya retreat. It was a powerful and mind blowing experience of opening the heart and eyes to better and conscious life. We loved everything about the center -  the quietness, lush gardens, monkeys and butterflies everywhere. This place radiates harmony, care and love which is direct reflection of how Chris and Nori see the world.  The secluded environment of the centre is perfect to calm the mind and detox from daily routine. And rich library of spiritual books and teachings is a great touch. Chris and Nori in essence are a family to us now and we will be back again. Highly recommend to anyone looking for an empowering healing and mindful experience.

Olga and Oleg (Canada)

Montes Ingles (now La Medicina) is located in the high jungle and is such a wonderful, peaceful place. I came by a recommendation of a friend a year ago. 

From the first moment, I felt comfortable with everything. For me personally, it was a kind of life changing experience. I had to deal with something from the past, it came up during the retreat. I couldn’t really recognise it before. I was able to clear this issue finally and came back with many inspirations for my daily life.

Thanks again to Nori and Chris for this great and relaxing time, that I will never forget.

Nils K. (Germany)

I’ve struggled with food addiction for as long as I can remember. As a result I often questioned my self-worth and denied myself to be happy. I had so many dark moments bingeing on food hating myself. During my stay at La Medicina I gained insight into my own suffering.   I learned how to harness my inner strength and I finally let go of a lifelong sugar addiction. I said goodbye to parts of me that no longer serve me, that maybe never did. I purged my inner most expectations, my demons, my fears. I let love flow through me. I experienced a difficult but gentle release with lasting effects. I was ready to do the work.

To say that Chris not only provided guidance but a safe space for my healing is an understatement. I was honored by the time he spent helping me process and integrate what I was learning. The groups are intimate, which allows for more in depth conversation and dialogue with the Shaman.  The land in which La Medicina is located is mystical. I developed a close bond with nature, including the mountain river, billowing trees and all the insects and animals. I had and still have a sense of peace knowing I chose the right place to begin my journey to health. Now I’m staying the course and continuing my work at home. Thank you to Chris and Nori and all the staff at La Medicina. I’m honored to have spent time at your home. 

Heidi Elenbass (USA)

La medicina is a true sanctuary for healing and wisdom. Chris and Nori provide such a peaceful and loving space in the beautiful surroundings of the High Jungle. In his healing art, Chris offers a rare and powerful blend of many years of shamanic training, deep plant knowledge and fluency in different forms of divination - all while being rooted in eastern, non-dual philosophy. My time at La Medicina was one of the most important experiences in my life - all in all, I can not recommend it more highly!

Sebastian N. (Germany)


The quest:

For the last ten years exploring levels of consciousness, at the beginning not even knowing why I started but the deeper I went the more light was shone on all aspects of unconscious… Going through Sanango dieta and Ayahuasca ceremonies with Chris at La Medicina was a very profound experience. I did not imagine how deep would I go and how clear the unclear would become.   The clarity gained after that experience was superb and connection to the true self very strong. The entire organization of the retreat was very well done, it makes one feel at home with lots of attention and support given to each step of the journey. I would recommend La Medicina greatly to all those searching for the universal truth and deep connection with the true self.

Jaideep Singh (Singapore)

La Medicina is a very special and beautiful place in the hands of very special people. I have participated in two retreats that included several ceremonies and two dietas. The dieta protocol administered by Chris is traditional, clean, and I find them to be ongoing influences in my life. The retreat center is so gracefully placed in the high jungle, with simple but elegant accommodations. 

Robin A. (USA)

I had an incredibly positive experience at La Medicina Retreat. The center's location is perfect for doing your work. The hosts are very open and hospitable. They really do take care of you here. My experience at the retreat helped take the next step in my life outside the retreat. Both personal and professional. I highly recommend La Medicina Retreat to anyone considering it.

Alex (Canada)

From what I observed the experience was very individual and not able to truly be described in words.  All who were present had different experiences that seemed completely relevant to what is going on or has gone on in their lives. The sensitivity I experienced during and  when leaving the retreat took me some time to understand and work with. There was no hiding I felt, like you had to face who you are and perhaps we all had that in common.

I was unable to ignore certain things that came up from my past and the time alone in the tambo helped me face and work though things along with some guidance from Chris. What I got from the experience was a feeling of an internal cleansing both mental and physical. 

I would truly like to return and spend more time exploring with Chris and Nori. I felt they really care about the individual experience and help each person get the best out of their time in such an intense and beautiful paradise. 

Greg Y. (New Zealand)

La-Medicina is a very special place, it becomes your home and family in the jungle. It’s like as if you've discovered Shangri-La, where you would feel safe, calm and balanced. You are surrounded by incredibly beautiful nature, adorable monkeys jump from branch to branch, colourful butterflies of the size of your palm float around. Every aspect of the place is thought through, and you feel that people love the place they live in and you are welcomed there.

Chris and Nori, I stopped for a second to think of a word and my first reaction was a smile, they are wonderful. It’s unbelievable how people who’d never met me before were so honestly caring and loving. I still feel it. You spend most of the time by yourself but you always sense their support. 

I was slightly surprised when Chris told me what was my diet plant, but after a few days into the retreat and till today I’m very grateful to him for such a profound understanding of what I was looking for. I’m still smiling at myself how I wasn’t able to see that and he did. I think of my time there as a personal renaissance, I found peace with myself and the greatest part - this experience didn’t last only two weeks, but I live it every day 4 months later.

If I could give a simple comparison to the retreat, I would say: imagine you’ve practiced acrobatics all your life, had good jumps, bad jumps, injuries. You come here, it’s a vast ground where everyone exercises their styles to do a flip. You train every day, sometimes you feel close, other days you fall, but there are people to catch you, give an advice and share a perspective when needed. You have your allies who help you to find new steps and not to forget them later. There is no judgement if your style is alternative, you jump the way you want, they only try to help you to figure out how to do it. I’m very grateful to all of you who were there, helping me with my flip. Thank you!

Vika L. (Canada)

Thank you so much for building and supporting this amazing resort. Every part of it is tended with care and attention to detail. I love the grounds of the resort and your personal warmth that you have for every guest.

This was my first encounter with Ayahuasca and a medicinal plant (Bobinsana) and I'm super grateful for the experience. I've never tried any consciousness altering substances before (besides maybe very little of weed and sometimes alcohol) so I was a bit worried and didn't know what to expect. The learning was great, the experience was incredible and I'm glad that I found things I didn't know I was looking for. 

I had no particular reason to seek this experience and the best way to describe my way to La Medicina is "it just happen so" and I'm super glad it did! Thank you guys for being such awesome guides in peoples' soul searching quests. 

Anastasia V. (USA)

La Medicina is a wonderful place to do a purification retreat. I spent 11 days there, a time I will forever be grateful for. Chris and Nori created a very special place in the jungle with a lot of love to detail.

During the ceremonies they took such great care for me and made me feel safe in a way I never experienced before - their love and compassion helped me heal deeply. This place and these two people are sacred and I can highly recommend people to go there.

Mounira Latrache (Germany)

Chris and Nori have made possible a unique Shamanic retreat center dedicated to deep physical and emotional healing, transformation and movement by creating AND maintaining a space of unconditional Love, powerful medicine and an unwavering willingness to take us as far into the magic and mystery of the plants as we are able to go. For the 12 days I was there, I felt like I was “home”, the food was spectacular (thank you Nori, you are an amazing cook!) the center is warm and cozy with comfortable beds, beautiful landscaping, an amazing array of butterflies, birds and monkeys and an indescribably peaceful energy that permeates every inch of the place. And the crew there are simply amazing! When I arrived at camp, Chris intuitively knew that the diet we had discussed earlier in the process of my booking the trip would not best serve me for where I was at in my life and asked if I wanted to do a different plant. I have known Chris for some time and trust him unequivocally so I said yes and as usual, he was spot on. When I broke the diet I truly felt as grounded as I have ever been and made the decision to start up my healing business, finally moving through and transforming the fear that had surrounded this for some time.. I have since moved, built a website (another area where fear was present….I am pretty technically challenged!) and am doing my work with great passion and a deep sense of gratitude for Chris, Nori and the plant spirits I worked with at La Medicina, who support me still to this day in my personal life and healing work.

I am always struck by Chris’ innate ability to weave the Ayahuasca ceremonies in such a way as to know when to let the medicine “do its work” uninterrupted and when to take a pause and check in to see how I and the other guests are doing. In this way I not only feel well taken care of but I also know that Chris is honoring my intention to allow the Ayahuasca full freedom to take me where I need to go in order to create the life I am choosing. Not only do I trust Chris and Nori but I trust Ayahuasca as well……with MY life! In this I have no doubt, my life is in good hands……with all three of them.

Thank you so much to everyone at La Medicina. Your love and kindness is a gift to us all.

Stephen O´Brien (USA)