La Medicina is very much a part of the local Urahuasha community, which consists of around 25 different chakras (plots of farmland). In the past this was a vibrant and thriving area, with small farms occupied by families who worked the land. However times change, and this way of living is understandably waning as more and more people move to town with all its modern conveniences. Many of the chakras are now unoccupied and up for sale. Still, some people carry on the old ways and are working the land well into their 70´s and 80´s.


When we first arrived in 2011, we were approached by the president of the local farming committee, Salvador Ruiz, to help improve the water supply, as there were no storage tanks and the main tubing from the water capture point was over 20 years old. Thus began a close collaboration with the Comité Ecológico de Agricultores Microcuenca Shilcayo Sector Urahuasha.

Over the years we have worked on various projects on behalf of the community:

  • Installation of 3 x 5,000 litre storage tanks and improvement and renovation of water pipe network from water capture point.

  • Obtaining full legal permission from the water authorities for water use for all the community.

  • Installation of 2 metal security gates at both access points to sector Urahuasha, to stop illegal wood collection, hunting and so on.

  • Soil study to improve access road. Heavy machinery road works to create passable track for local residents and vehicles.

  • Land titling process, to help and support the titling of all land adjacent to the area of high protection.

  • Putting in order all the legal paperwork for the Comité Ecológico and re-registering with the local authorities.