Chris full biography

Born 1961, London, UK. Age 7 started to have lucid dreams. Age 11 ran telepathy experiments at primary school. At age16 began studying fortune telling with playing cards, then quickly progressed to Tarot cards.

1979                       Age 18, first paid Tarot reading.

1981                       Age 20, began to study astrology.

1984 – 2004        Studied astrology with Dr Geoffrey Cornelius.

1985 – 1989        Worked as a astrologer and clairvoyant at Mysteries New Age shop, Covent Garden, London.

1986 – 1989        Studied palmistry and graphology with Paul Summers.

1987 – 1989        Freelance editorial consultant to Aquarian press/Harper Collins.

1988 - 1989         Contracted by a chain of Japanese new age shops to create 7 albums of music based on the chakras with explanatory book.

1990                       Wrote Practical Visualisation, published 1991 by Aquarian Press

1990-1991           Harrods in-store promotion as astrologer, Selfridges in-store promotion as graphologist.

1991-1994           Travelled extensively in Asia, and has given palm readings to Tibetan monks of the Labrang monastary in Gansu, astrology readings to Indians in Bangalore, numerology advice to a Doctor of acupuncture in Chengdu, and astrology and tarot readings to businessmen in Hong Kong.

1996                       After a two year hiatus, started to give consultations again at psychic fairs in London.  

1996                       Wrote Mix and Match Astrology, published in 1997 by Barons USA.

1998                       Joint forensic graphologist for Selfridge’s security division.

1998                       Joint consultant graphologist for Mike Leigh’s Topsy-Turvy film production.

1999-2000           Psychic consultant for First Sound Ltd, 50% owner of joint venture: Guiding Lights (Telephone psychics.)

2000                       Launched StarTemple, his own psychic readings service, which quickly grew over the next 2 years to become the most respected Telephone Readings company in the UK. At it’s height 70 readers giving around 8000 consultations a month. (Phone and text.)

2000 – 2004         Shamanic crisis/calling, a series of increasingly vivid visions and dreams of a disturbing nature.

2004 May             Visited Peru for first time to do an ayahuasca retreat with Hamilton Souther and Don Alberto at the original Blue Morpho camp .

2004 – 2010         Undertook apprenticeship in Amazonian Shamanism at Blue Morpho, initiated into the lineage by Don Julio, Don Alberto and Hamilton in December 2004. Formally completes apprenticeship February 2010, and is awarded title of Maestro by his teachers.

2009                       Studied Feng Shui with Simon Brown in a two week 80 hour one-one intensive course.

2010 April            Started to hold his own groups at Blue Morpho.

2010 August       Decided to leave Blue Morpho to focus on working with small groups of people.

2010 – 2011        Traveled around Peru with his wife looking for a place to live and build a retreat center.

2011 – 2019        7.5 year phase of building La Medicina, a retreat center located in the Cordillera Escalera high jungle 8 kilometers outside Tarapoto. His psychic business StarTemple was sold in 2012 to provide funding.

2014                       Completed Hillary Barrett's I Ching course.

2014                       Was Introduced to Don Ricardo, a vegetalista ( plant medicine healer) of 35 years. Don Ricardo accepted Chris as his first ever apprentice, and agreed to teach him everything he knew.

2016 - 2017         Wrote StarToucher, a New Age Science Fiction novel,  self-published on Amazon Feb 2018.

2010 – Present    Continues to train in the medicine by doing periodic dietas.