The Art of Adding or Subtracting Parts to Make a Unified Whole

By Chris Odle from La Medicina

Deep and profound shifts in consciousness are possible during the relatively brief period of an ayahuasca retreat. However, these changes and breakthroughs can be short lived unless the inner work is integrated into the fabric of the participant’s day to day life back home.

This process of integration has been increasingly recognized as being of the utmost importance. One  Read more...

5 Things You Need to Know About Working with Visionary Plant Teachers

By Katherine Coder, PhD

The unfolding and unwinding of our soul “knots” is a lifelong journey, replete with the sometimes maddening, chaotic, and
terrifying moments along the way. I wish there was a quick fix, personally, as I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life healing, growing, and becoming more of my essential self.

I turned to visionary plant medicine and entheogens shortly after finishing a doctorate in transpersonal   Read more...                                                                                                                     

Life After


By Eric Johnson

This article is a creative expression of the thoughts and feelings I had following my first trip to Peru a few years ago, an epic three month journey that took me from Ayahuasca in the Amazon to San Pedro in the Andes. The focus is on my struggle relating to society, transitioning to a new lifestyle, and finding a more meaningful career. I’m sure some of you will have a similar reaction when you return home, and I believe that it helps to know this is completely normal.                 Read more...


The True Path Out of Addiction

By Deanne Adamson

Seven years ago I started Being True To You with a mission to help young adults find their passion. I had not thought about addiction or recovery; I just thought about helping people find meaning and purpose beyond the status quo that life had to offer. The moment I left my day-job to pursue this passion was eye-opening and liberating to say the least. Growing up, I never realized I could tread a new path outside of the traditional career paradigm, nor did I realize what it meant  Read more...


By Kerry Moran

Perhaps the single most important practice in your integration toolkit is some form of regular meditation. The ability to meet your experience honestly, compassionately, and fully, without resistance or grasping—this is crucial to integration work, and it is cultivated in meditation. There are many different methods: observing body sensation,
repeating a mantra, releasing thoughts as they arise, relaxing into spaciousness. Read more...