The True Path Out of Addiction

          By Deanne   Adamson

          By Deanne Adamson


Seven years ago I started Being True To You with a mission to help young adults find their passion. I had not thought about addiction or recovery; I just thought about helping people find meaning and purpose beyond the status quo that life had to offer. The moment I left my day-job to pursue this passion was eye-opening and liberating to say the least. Growing up, I never realized I could tread a new path outside of the traditional career paradigm, nor did I realize what it meant to look within my heart for the answers. I was not consciously aligned with my truth and so I wasn’t able to hear my heart’s calling. I found meaning and excitement in the addiction culture, valuing popularity, validation, ecstasy, and rebellion. 

But in 2010 everything changed. I had an epiphany that would transform my life and lead me to forever quit drinking alcohol after 14 years of borderline alcoholism and binge drinking. It was in this moment I found meaning in my life. I realized I could stand for something bigger than myself, and show others that living an alcohol-free-life is not only possible, it’s a pathway to finding our true selves. I later realized the attachments we cling to most, are the biggest things that block us from knowing our truth. I didn’t know how it would work, quitting my job and following my passion, but I believed in something greater than myself. My fear of living an average life was greater than my fear of the unknown. I wanted to see what my life could be, and what I could do with it. And with this inspiration and courage I opened myself up to something huge. Something bigger than I could ever have imagined. I discovered what I see as the answer to the addiction crisis.

The Truth About Addiction


It is so obvious, the truth about addiction. So why are we in the middle of a national epidemic? Why do governments pour billions of dollars into “finding a cure” and conducting research? Why do industry professionals continue down the same path that isn’t working? Why does society and mainstream media continue to push addictive behaviors while stigmatizing addiction and giving false notions about recovery? And why do families and individuals continue to pay outrageous sums of money for treatment programs when the evidence shows such poor results?

The truth about addiction is that the only way out is through, and by through I mean via the process of your own transformation. The best program in the world can’t cure you if you’re not looking within, finding your shortcomings, resolving your burdens, improving yourself, and making changes in your environment. And yet the worst program in the world can offer you a way out if you are genuinely ready and doing your work. Recovery is an inside job. It’s personal endeavor that comes from within. 

Yes, connection and community matters in addiction recovery. Yes, a change in environment matters in addiction recovery. Yes, a healthier lifestyle matters in addiction recovery. But you can give a person a new environment, new friends, and a new lifestyle and they will still relapse, until they find the conviction within their hearts to courageously look within. A person must cultivate the changes on the inside, to be able to create and sustain a life of sobriety on the outside. 

Transformational Recovery Coaching

Being True To You’s unique model of transformational recovery coaching is creating a new paradigm for addiction recovery that guides the inner and outer transformation necessary for a full recovery. Transformational recovery coaching transforms your mindset, lifestyle, personality, and social connections one step at a time, so that you become the person you’ve always wanted to be, making true recovery possible for you. Through this process you face a series of fears, limiting beliefs, and challenges, followed by a series of insights and realizations that our coaches hold you accountable for integrating.

Transformational recovery coaching connects you with your truth, helping you walk the most direct path from where you are, to where you want to be. In this process of self-introspection and self-improvement, you are able to naturally mature out of your addiction. This can happen without paying big bucks, taking medications, or forcing yourself to do things you don’t want to do. Transcending addiction happens when you clear your blocks and burdens, so you can start listening to your heart, following your passion, and discovering your unique expression and gift in the world. 

It is now my life’s mission to help others live a life free of addiction, in connection with their true selves.