Welcome to La Medicina

A plant medicine retreat sanctuary in the high jungle of Peru


Bridging Two Worlds

Traditonally trained Western Ayahuascero

Chris has 14 years experience working with the medicine, and is one of the few westerners to have completed a traditional apprenticeship (Mestizo tradition) who continues to live and practice in the Peruvian Amazon. He also has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Mind Body Spirit field, having worked for 39 years as an astrologer and clairvoyant, guiding over 10,000 people. He spearheaded the cultivation of various medicinal plants, and after 7 years  our center is now fully self-sufficient in  Ayahuasca and Chacruna.


Small is Beautiful and Supportive

In Pristine Nature

Maximum group size of 8 guests, allows for individual guidance and support throughout your retreat. Our center has been built in the pristine high jungle of Cordilliera Escalera National Park, with the approval of the local govenrment, and the beauty and energy of nature being so immediate seems to enhance the power of the medicine. Monkeys, squirrels, butterflies and hummingbirds could be companions on your retreat.

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Enhancing Life-forwarding Experiences

With Attention to Detail

During the 7 year construction period of La Medicina, our focus has been on creating a comfortable healing space that supports deep inner work. High quality materials have been used throughout to build simple yet elegant accommodations.

“La Medicina is a true sanctuary for healing wisdom.”  Sebastian N (Germany)     


“From the moment I got there I felt welcome and safe. The feeling of being safe, was integral to letting the medicine do its work.”  Christopher M (USA)       


“To say that Chris not only provided guidance but a safe space for my healing is an understatement. I was honoured by the time he spent helping me process and integrate what I was learning.  The groups are intimate, which allows for more in-depth dialogue with the shaman.”  Heidi E (USA)   

“The secluded environment of the center is perfect to calm the mind and detox from daily routine. And the rich library of spiritual books and teachings is a great touch.”  Olga and Oleg (Canada)    

“From the first moment I felt comfortable with everything. For me personally, it was a kind of life-changing experience.”  Nils K (Germany)                                                                   


The Journey